Tony Holdich

Tony Holdich

Corporate Member: Institute of Acoustics
Fellow Member: Chartered Institute of Management

Acoustic Consulting Experience: 35 years +

Co-founder Applied Acoustic Design 1990

Tony was responsible for the detailed acoustic design of the world's first new large-generation-aircraft engine quiet test cell, including reverse thrust running capability and commissioned to meet all of its onerous aerodynamic and acoustic design obligations during the mid 1990's. Replica acoustic design interpretations have subsequently been constructed.

Tony was also responsible for the design, installation amd calibration maintenance of the worlds first motor-circuit noise monitoring system featuring 3 radio-linked microphones with a live data feed to the local planning authority; brought into service during 1998 the system was a first to originate data in digital form; system "uptime" has been continuous since fist practice, Friday 18th September 1998.

Completing a trio of world firsts, Tony was responsible for the design of the world's first "drive-by simulation" vehicle semi-anechoic chamber which verified free-field (external) pass-by noise levels with airflow across the vehicle whilst running on an NVH quality standard rolling road. That way, pass-by noise reduction programmes were no longer weather dependent.

Tony has provided appeal evidence at Public Inquiry and, in relation to the Environmental Protection Act, provided evidence at Magistrates Courts. Tony also has robust experience in design guidance supporting healthcare, residential, education and further education building design teams.

Tony is a Working Group Member of the Motor Sports Association's (MSA) Technical Advisory Panel, which formulates specialist advice on environmental matters for UK motorsport.

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