In Memory of Dr Bob Peters

In Memory of Dr Bob Peters

Dr Bob Peters BSc MSc BA PhD FIoA 

When Bob considered adding “consulting” to his already acclaimed academic career AAD was fortunate, as well as humbled, to be on his short list.  Rising to a number of notable consulting challenges during his 21+ years as our Principal Consultant, Bob simultaneously ran Institute of Acoustics diploma and MSc courses, published the 3rd edition of his book “Acoustics and Noise Control”, re-wrote a key module of the IoA Diploma and was the 5th and 9th Chair of the IoA Education Committee.  Bob was also instrumental in starting the IoA certificate course and creating the distance learning version of the Diploma; he was also the first Project Examiner.  Although Bob’s simultaneous activities at AAD included expert witness duties for some particularly interesting cases and oversight for tricky calculations, his characteristic desire for thorough analysis (and data to match), underscored by his forensically objective reasoning, was an ideal match for analyzing, interpreting and reporting upon aircraft noise heard on the ground for major UK airports.  Bob created the necessary language in his reports to deliver numbers and expressions to help bridge the divide between science and human response; a tall order in a high profile environment.  Bob’s unstinting and hard-working ethic to “get it right” will continue to be an inspiration to all those with whom he has worked.

He will be sorely missed.

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