Residential Scheme Design

Residential accommodation is considered by national planning policy as noise sensitive; AAD has a robust experience in residential site surveying and in making residential site noise and vibration exposure assessments. AAD has robust experience in residential pre-planning support for sites exposed to noise including the support from concept to detailed design and commissioning including private, housing association and hotel sites on PPG 24 category D sites. Our experience includes residential schemes exposed to road, rail and aircraft noise including within mixed use schemes including, high rise, high value development proposals.

Sound Insulation Testing

AAD's team of Registered Engineers is available to complete sound insulation testing for all residential developments for which testing is a mandatory requirement. AAD's reports are submitted to the client for onward submission to Building Control.

If design and construction standards are restricted to Robust Standard Details and new residential units are registered accordingly, new build developers can apply to Building Control for an exemption from testing.

Testing is otherwise a mandatory requirement when residential units are formed by a Material Change of Use (including conversions) all Hotels, Hostels and Rooms for Residential Purposes. For long-term healthcare accommodation, Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics sets out that the same standards should apply.

In selecting a test body, there are two approaches; one is to use a UKAS registered test house and the other is to use Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Registered Engineers. With AAD you get the best of both worlds: ANC Registered Engineers working within a BS EN ISO 9001 audited quality management environment.

AAD work in partnership with other suppliers and conduct sound insulation testing nationally, including Isle-of-Man and the Channel Islands.

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