Planning & Environment

Planning & Environment

AAD determine and negotiate acceptable levels of noise emission in the local environment. This work is carried out at the planning and design stages for all types of new and refurbishment building developments. The team can liaise with designers of new plant and equipment, to ensure that it meets the predetermined noise standards and, where this is not practicable, design noise control systems to solve the problem.

In assisting employers to meet legal obligations regarding employee exposure to noise, AAD consultants are able to accurately assess noise levels in the workplace and recommend the most cost effective means of phased reduction. AAD personnel are accredited by the Institute of Acoustics for work relating to employee exposure to noise.

The team uses a wide range of verified mathematical models to generate geo-acoustic, noise grid-map contours for internal and external environmental impact assessments. This type of powerful, visual evidence is becoming increasingly accepted as the standard for planning applications and appeals.

AAD consultants are experienced in assessing noise mitigation made possible by external geographical and physical barriers, and the custom design of such measures to meet the particular noise reduction requirements with minimum disruption to the client's own business activities. AAD undertakes such assignments on a total project management basis.

Stadia & Arenas

Applicants and operators, planners and other stakeholders have legitimate and long term interests in levels of noise likely to arise from events held by existing arenas and stadia as well as noise arising from new arenas and stadia. AAD has a robust experience in supporting these interests from the pre-planning assessment of projected noise emissions through drafting of lease conditions to control spectator noise and noise from public address systems and in the provision/support of post completion compliance assessments.

Waste & Mineral Workings

As mineral extraction can be a long term undertaking, and can be located nearby to residential property, it is essential to assess accurately mineral extraction noise at the application stage. AAD has robust experience in mineral workings technology and procedures and noise arising and provides expert planning support as well as on-going support where changes in machinery type and/or locations arise. Senior and mineral extraction experienced consulting personnel are Quarry Passport qualified for safe attendance to sites.

Farming & Food Production

Modern farming can include night-time or even "round-the-clock" activities which can include use of potentially noisy fixed and mobile farm machinery. With a new focus upon the minimisation of "food miles", on-site processing, packing and shipping is all part of modern farming and employment. Modern and efficient growing environments can include Combined Heat and Power engines that effectively and economically extend growing seasons. Delivery of any "added value" ingredients can expand traffic movement associated with modern farming which these-days can be likened to a flow production process. AAD has robust experience in the assessment and support of modern farming and food production processes, many of which arise from the implementation of a successful business plan, sometimes needing AAD's expert care and attention to align with national and local planning policy.

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