Automotive & Acoustic Test Facilities

Automotive & Acoustic Test Facilities

Services include detailed design for acoustic research and development test facilities, specification production, site supervision during construction and detailed acoustical commissioning.

AAD assignments include the following:

  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - NVH 1, with 4x4 200kW rolls, Dunton
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - NVH 2 chassis cell, feasibility study, Dunton
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - European Technology Centre, Cranfield
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Powertrain chassis dynamometer cell, Dunton
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Drive-by, with 4x4 200kW rolls, Gaydon
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Vehicle refinement facility, Shoreham
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Chassis Dynamometer, Dunton
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Engine Dynamometer, Dunton
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Component and systems test facility, Dunton
  • Semi-Anechoic Chamber - "D" Cell refurbishment, Shoreham
  • Semi-Anechoic Chambers - Detroit
  • Drive-by vehicle development semi-anechoic chambers
  • Chassis NVH semi-anechoic chambers including 4x4 roll sets
  • Powertrain NVH semi-anechoic facility including multi-mode dynamometer
  • Vehicle refinement semi anechoic facility
  • Mileage accumulation facilities accommodating from 2 to 8 dynamometers
  • Vibration test and fatigue laboratory design and performance verification
  • Proving ground / test track structure-plan environmental impact assessment, mitigation and verification
  • Structural simulation and analysis multi-axis facilities
  • Inertial mass system evaluation, design and installation supervision
  • Motorsport and related industry infrastructure environmental impact assessment and planning support work
  • Motorsport engine test cell environmental impact assessment
  • Design and mitigation specification
  • Performance verification Wind tunnel site environmental impact assessment and planning support assessments
  • Wind tunnel internal and external building fabric assessment, co-ordination with planning requirements and verification reports
  • Development of low noise race car exhaust systems design, installation and maintenance of microphone measurement and reporting systems for motor circuit pass-by noise

£10m Silent Wind Tunnel for ING Renault F1 Team

Croft Motor Racing Circuit

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