Major Projects

Major Projects

Major projects demand commitment, and AAD offers a solid background of experience in delivering practical solutions for every design discipline and at every stage of the project. Such solutions are fully coordinated throughout the life of the project, whether the programme involves the commitment of £1 million a month for a few months, to £1 million a week for several years!

The very broad range of skills which make up the AAD team ensure that every twist and turn, every nuance and opportunity during the life of the project, can be assessed and acted upon without delay.

Whether the assignment is base build or fit-out, designing the headquarters of a European bank, an overseas embassy building, an hotel or an aircraft engine development cell, AAD will be on hand to prevent noise problems occurring, or to provide cost effective solutions to existing problems.

AAD offers unrivalled experience on large scale projects. The team's specialist design services are already recognised as invaluable to the automotive and aerospace industries. From Europe's largest semi-anechoic chamber for vehicle "pass by" simulation, to the design of the world's largest jet engine development cell, AAD combines the right personnel with the right technology to ensure that objectives are accomplished on time and within budget.

£100m Richard Rogers K2 Scheme

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