Workspace Environment

Workspace Environment

Office workspace environment has been evolving only since the 1960's. Until then, accommodated in regimented rows of desks all facing the same way, workers would process from in-tray to out-tray just like a factory assembly line. They were not expected to personalise their desks with photographs or mementos and little, if any, environmental design effort was invested. Although office workspace environments have evolved since then, today's rate of evolution is unsurpassed.

Since 1990, Applied Acoustic Design has been responsible for the workspace environment around 3,000,000ft2 of prime office accommodation, supporting base build, fit-out, re-fitting and re-stacking initiatives. During this time, AAD has brought to bear an increasing focus upon the need to incorporate the legitimate acoustic requirements of future occupiers with base build, architectural, structural and cladding design packages.

In this time, AAD has acquired a robust knowledge and understanding in developing fit-out specifications necessary where workspace acoustics has not been afforded a high priority. Today, at last, workspace acoustics has been promoted to a senior consideration affording particular needs for speech communication and speech privacy to be addressed by base build, cladding and fit out designs.

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