Specialist Support

Specialist Support

Marine Design:

AAD can work closely with naval architects and boat builders to predict - and solve - problems arising from live structure resonant radiation for all types of power plant installation and hull design.

Power Generation:

AAD can produce noise surveys and design noise and vibration control equipment for generating plants and oil or gas facilities, including offshore installations.


AAD designs acoustically efficient air conditioning and comfort control systems for a number of the UK's best retail outlets.


AAD is able to tune the acoustic character of worship spaces in religious buildings of all kinds.


AAD services, backed by geo-acoustic mapping, are available to many types of outdoor activities, from all off-road motor sport disciplines to clay and range shooting.

Systems & Software Support:

AAD's software modelling techniques are used in nearly every aspect of the team's activities. They are based on specifically developed systems, many of them exclusive to AAD.

AAD provides exclusive round-the-clock support to UK users of a range of Noise and Track Keeping systems used by major airports worldwide for essential noise and track keeping studies.

AAD's noise mapping experience extends to the acquisition and compilation of flight departure and arrival data necessary to generate airport air-noise contours using the Integrated Noise Model software application.

AAD's unique combination of skill and experience means that accurate and verified mapping of noise arising from any type of ground operation can be made quickly and efficiently. Such mapping can be crucial when environmental investment decisions are involved, such as the effectiveness of mounding barriers and noise reduction fences.

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