Meet the Team

Meet the Team

AAD is a high quality, robustly qualified and experienced team.

Independently resourced customer feedback has confirmed that AAD is prized for its practical and hands-on understanding and close support. Perhaps it's no surprise that AAD has, to date, delivered 3 world-first acoustic design achievements, nor that these three particular clients found that AAD - above any other - could be relied upon to commit major resources and investment to achieve new standards in acoustic excellence.

Whether AAD is commissioned to support a planning application or a planning appeal from a tyre fitting bay to a helipad, to support a consultative committee, or designs from mega-yachts and offices to mega-dwellings and apartment blocks, from a voice-over booth to a broadcast centre, from a bar to a members club to a major night-club, in pretty much every sector AAD is more likely than most to have done it before.

AAD also has a robust track record in fault finding and fixing noise and vibration issues for plant and buildings, in making health and safety assessments and in the provision of guidance, including low frequency noise and motion sickness assessment. AAD also has an unparalleled track-record in the design, installation & maintenance of noise and vibration monitoring systems, including data quality and processing support, with well over 50 monitoring stations up and running for many years.

So, the chances are that we've been there, done that. And made a pretty good job of it, too.


Quality comes from assessing and allocating resources effectively through our ISO 9001 Quality Management System to support over 300 assignments on a weekly task review and resource allocation basis. This ensures clients receive what's needed, on time and on budget.


The acoustic consulting profession's "norm" for staff qualification is at least 50% to be qualified at Corporate Member (or Fellow) of the Institute of Acoustics. AAD's team is maintained at 100% with no senior grade consultant having less than 7 years consulting experience. AAD's consulting staff are Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) certificated for a Construction Related Occupation, Acoustic Consulting Engineer.


AAD's leadership team have well over 50 years combined acoustic consulting experience. All Senior Consulting staff at AAD have at least 5 years consulting experience, with the average senior staff level experience in excess of 14 years.