Specialist Studies

Specialist Studies

Services include problem solving for existing noisy installations where insufficient detail consideration was practicable at inception stage.

AAD assignments include the following:

  • FR Aviation Ltd, in-flight noise impact, modified Falcon 20 aircraft
  • Froude Consine chassis dynamometers, Volvo, Goteborg, Sweden
  • Ford Motor Company, Dunton, Hot Test
  • Ford Motor Company, Dunton, Design Studio
  • Prodrive, Honiley Proving Ground
  • Redbridge Hospital
  • TUC - Congress House, London
  • Northampton Business Park
  • Hills Road office development, Cambridge
  • Mercury Telecom, various
  • Rutland Gate, London
  • Haarmann and Reimer, Marlow
  • City Ford, dealership, Slough
  • Hamilton House, Broadgate
  • Highgate School, London

Perranporth Aerodrome

£10m Silent Wind Tunnel for ING Renault F1 Team

Matter Nightclub, Greenwich

First Permanently Sited Military Courtroom Complex

Croft Motor Racing Circuit

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