AAD is an independent acoustical consulting company providing a practical approach to the environmental impact of noise and vibration for a vast range of environmental noise and vibration issues and resolving them by either prevention or cure.

AAD's acoustic consultants are highly qualified and experienced in the assessment of the environmental impact of noise and vibration and noise nuisance through noise survey measurements, noise nuisance and noise pollution assessment and through use of a reliable environmental noise predictive model. AAD also conduct vibration testing and vibration analysis. From road noise to aircraft noise, AAD has hard-won and robust experience; we can rapidly analyse environmental impact, whether existing or potential, and design and specify noise control and anti vibration solutions.

For Town and Country Planning Act planning application support, AAD's acoustic consultants provide noise planning guidance and provision of expert witness services for Town and Country Planning Act planning appeal whether by written representation or at Public Inquiry.

For the Environmental Protection Act, AAD has experience in addressing particular Environmental Protection Act requirements including provision of noise survey and expert witness services.

AAD measure environmental noise and noise test continuously; we also design, supply, install and maintain noise data acquisition systems to operate in all climates on a continuous basis. AAD supported noise data acquisition systems are used by airports to measure aircraft noise, by motor circuits for pass by noise. For noise in construction, we measure demolition noise and construction noise and construction vibration at a wide range of sites. AAD data acquisition systems are custom designed to suit the site, installed and supported by dedicated field engineers.

All AAD acoustic consulting services are delivered under our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 compliant quality management system which is subject to Lloyds audit.