Building Services

Building Services

Mistakes made as great buildings grow from the ground are hard, if not impossible, to rectify. As part of the professional team, AAD consultants keep their place alongside architects, structural and building services engineers. As integrated team members, they can maintain the necessary interdisciplinary liaison which will achieve the right acoustic character for the building and the systems which serve it.

AAD plays a major role in the design and evaluation of building services systems by determining what levels of induced noise will be beneficial to occupants, according to room function.

The team can then ensure, by system design refinement and precise specification, that suitable acoustic qualities are achieved.

Where noise radiating from building services plant is likely to affect nearby properties (as many roof mounted installations can do) AAD consultants measure, determine and negotiate appropriate design criteria on behalf of the client. Noise emission specifications can then be determined for each item of equipment and, where necessary, AAD can design and specify noise control measures to minimise noise breakout.

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