Broadcast & Recording

Broadcast & Recording

Services include design and detailed specification of studios structure and services, consistent with modern acoustical isolation standards, as well as design support for office accommodations. Site supervision of specialist contractors to ensure procedural specifications are adhered to and acoustical commissioning.

AAD assignments include the following:

  • BBC West 1 - Broadcasting House Phase 2
  • BBC - Mobile Radio Studios
  • Channel 4 - Television Headquarters, London
  • Limehouse TV - Trocadero and Wembley Television Stages
  • Capital Radio Plc - Euston Tower, London
  • Capital Radio Plc - Leicester Square London
  • Virgin Radio - Golden Square, London
  • Middle East Broadcasting, London
  • SFV Communications, London
  • NBC News - Gt. Russell St, London
  • BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

BBC Broadcasting House

BBC Broadcasting House Article

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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