AAD consultants provide professional guidance to many of the largest and most prestigious building projects in the UK. Clients range from developers and architects to consulting engineers and main contractors.

Noise and vibration monitoring assignments are widely diverse. They have included assessment of the implications of the construction of a major coastal barrage and monitoring vibration effects on both occupiers and building structures as a result of the boring of new underground railway tunnels.

Where more conventional construction and demolition work threatens the internal or external environment, AAD can install automated noise and/or vibration monitoring instrumentation. This can be of particular value where rapid response is required, whether to support the project, or noise abatement action by others. AAD can retrieve data via a standard telephone link on a regular basis.

Where local authorities demand construction work be undertaken in a noise sensitive manner, AAD can provide a plan for site operations which will permit the maximum working hours conducive to minimal noise generation.

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