Design, Construction & Commissioning

Design, Construction & Commissioning

AAD can design and bring into service - often acting as specialist projector coordinator - a huge range of projects, from sophisticated new or refurbished semi-anechoic facilities, through to automated mileage accumulation centres; from electro-servo-hydraulic ride simulation to vibration fatigue test cells.

As a leader in the field, AAD has worked in conjunction with a world renowned designer of loudspeakers to develop a suite of reference anechoic test sound sources. The resulting instrumentation and field technology is unique to AAD. Used in association with AAD's uniquely developed traversing microphone data acquisition system, the team are able to hand over qualified facilities in the shortest possible time.

Whether noise arises from stand-alone test buildings, or from entire proving sounds, AAD's unique experience in the geo-acoustic modelling of noise impact on the external environment permits rapid, accurate response. Effective solutions can be quickly developed for any site potentially troubled by excessive noise, whether the problem is large or small scale and the solution simple or complex. Noise grid-maps - used in conjunction with AAD's field-installed noise data logging technology - aid rapid development of practical solutions.

Our client's own acoustic experts know that, if they demand top quality test environments, the resulting products are destined for success.

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