Auditoria & Conference Facilities

Auditoria & Conference Facilities

Whether as a stand alone building or as part of an integrated centre, auditoria for music, drama and conference facilities demand high degrees of sound insulation and excellence of sound quality at all seat locations. Few experiences are more infuriating than noise overspill from one area to another, an inability to understand the spoken word or enjoy music with the clarity and fullness of tone that the composer intended.

AAD consultants offer a substantial background of experience in delivering effective design solutions for high quality, stress free, multi-lingual simultaneous translation and business conferencing facilities.

The AAD team can address every aspect, from speech presentations, through translation, to reception - ensuring that high levels of speech clarity are maintained at all times. Unfortunately few have had the luxury of a clean sheet when designing an auditorium or conference facility: AAD is expert at developing schemes for retrofit applications that can equal the quality of a purpose built facility.

Cork School of Music

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