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The AAD service to the aerospace industry is conducted on an international level. The team is rich in experience in all aspects of environmental aerospace acoustics, from engine development cells and ground running facilities, through investigation and control of in-cabin noise, to the planned monitoring of commercial air traffic. The AAD team is a "one-stop" expert resource. Experience covers military and civil operations.

In the field of engine ground running, our specialist engineers have been responsible for the strategic building design, detailed specification, assessment and refinement of noise control fit-out for the largest engine development bed in the world. This landmark facility is capable of accommodating engines developing thrust of 140,000 lbf and, in so doing, sets new low noise standards against which all future test bed facilities will be judged. AAD experience in test bed low frequency design strategy and assessment of noise suppression schemes, which also provide closely controlled airflow, is field proven. The team can provide sophisticated computer modelling to assess low frequency performance of aero-acoustic installations and to aid mitigation of noise impact upon local communities.

AAD has the instrumentation and the design experience needed to investigate ways to reduce excessive in-cabin noise and offers a comprehensive design service, guided by field research, to accommodate the acoustic behaviour of a whole range of modern, carbon-composite and honeycomb type aerospace materials.

AAD's understanding of noise arising from modern aircraft is such that the firm is responsible for the operation and maintenance of noise monitoring systems around the UK's busiest airports.

AAD engineers understand aircraft noise and building acoustics. The AAD team is a natural choice whenever mitigation of aircraft noise is an essential feature. Whether the owner of a country house wants virtual silence from a local military airfield, or the assessment of a new airport terminal building is required, AAD consultants have a track record in delivering the right answers.

Airports & Aerodromes

Since our inception in 1990, Applied Acoustic Design has supported major aero-engine manufacturers, major airport operators and major airlines. AAD has long established that if it requires management it first requires either (i) modelling via a fixed assessment procedure or (ii) measurement.

As a reference noise modelling and measurement resource for many airports, AAD is uniquely placed to use, interrogate and reduce noise data; this we have been doing to support community noise impact assessments and to publish reports for many airports for many years. We also complete custom stand-alone studies to address airport/community specific issues; as there's no substitute for experience, please review the scope of work that AAD has already undertaken for airport owners and operators:

  • Air noise contours;
  • Ground noise contours;
  • Atmospheric noise propagation predictions for on-wing run-up pens;
  • Assessment followed by management plan for mitigation of ground noise;
  • Auditing of noise emissions arising from ground run-up pens including comparisons against running logs;
  • Measurement and prediction of ground noise emissions arising from re-configured runways/taxi-ways/stands and temporary use during runway resurfacing works;
  • Assessment of the reduction in ground noise emissions when substituting Auxiliary Power Units with Fixed Electrical Ground Power;
  • Measurement of noise arising from reverse thrust including comparison by aircraft type, and operator; consideration of reduced impact with advancing airframe technology;
  • Separation of aircraft noise from total noise in a large number of residential community locations nearby to south-eastern airports;
  • Evaluation of aircraft noise impact upon schools and libraries;
  • Evaluation of aircraft noise mitigation measures upon schools and libraries.

Whilst AAD's experience and competence can be comfortably integrated with noise and track keeping system resources used by some airports, AAD's robust knowledge and experience is available to all airport operators.

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