Public Sector

Public Sector

Noise and vibration affect the use of public buildings as they do industrial and commercial facilities. AAD consultants offer a wide background of experience in dealing with the special acoustical needs of schools, sports centres, courtrooms, hospitals and civic buildings.

The service is total, from the specification of construction methods and materials for music practice and drama facilities, to noise control in primary schools.

Expenditure in schools must be watched closely. Many senior schools and sixth form colleges have drama studios and music production facilities with their own control rooms, and relatively sophisticated sound insulation is required. Projects must, however, be designed down to a budget rather than up to a specification. AAD has the design pedigree to develop practical solutions which match the artistic, acoustic and economic needs of the project.

Hospitals are amongst the most highly serviced buildings in Britain, with almost endless potential sources of noise and vibration affecting both internal and external environments. Very careful treatment is required for all hospital acoustic issues - operating suites being a particular area of AAD expertise. Ultra clean, laminar flow theatres, in which the most delicate operations are performed, are often highly reverberant. Once again, AAD advice is best sought at the design stage, but can be applied retrospectively where problems have already developed.

£18.7m Sandwell Academy

Didcot's £7.3m Arts Centre

Lymington Community Hospital

Biggest Contemporary Arts Venue Outside London

Cork School of Music

First Permanently Sited Military Courtroom Complex

Hammersmith Academy

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