Noise Communications

Noise Communications

It takes considerable skill and experience to distil the 200+ years' cumulative acoustic consulting experience that AAD's team brings to each and every assignment. Our chief distiller in this respect is our Principal Consultant, Dr Bob Peters.

Whether consulting in private practice, for local or national government, Bob has been responsible for the original education (including examination) of a vast number of today's acoustic experts. A communicator at heart, Bob's skills today are deployed to support particularly challenging matters ranging from the forensic examination of recorded material for judicial review purposes, to the separation - from other noise sources - of aircraft noise heard on the ground by communities living close to major airports.

Bob has built an enviable and much sought after reputation in the often difficult area of communicating what levels of aircraft noise are heard on the ground when compared to simultaneously occurring levels of community noise. With extensive data quantities available from modern data acquisition techniques, Bob leads AAD's Noise Communication challenges for airports; using finely honed analytical techniques with crystal clear descriptions for aircraft and non aircraft noise, AAD, with Bob Peters' leadership, has supported major UK airports for many years.

Of course, noise communication is not necessarily restricted to documentation. Ranging from expert testimony to attendance and representation at public meetings, senior AAD team members, including Bob, also have robust and wide-ranging case work experience. Some relevant projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Air-noise contour modelling (FAA INM)
  • Assessment followed by management plan for mitigation of ground noise
  • Assessment of the reduction in ground noise emissions when substituting Auxiliary Power Units with Fixed Electrical Ground Power
  • Consultative & Specialist Committee technical support
  • Evaluation of aircraft noise impact and mitigation measures upon libraries, schools and other community buildings
  • Production of ground noise contours
  • Measurement and prediction of ground noise emissions arising from reconfigured runways/taxi-ways/stands and temporary use during runway resurfacing works
  • Measurement of noise arising from reverse thrust, including comparison by aircraft type, and operator; consideration of reduced impact with advancing airframe technology
  • Separation of aircraft noise from total noise in a large number of residential community areas close to airports
  • Temporary microphone site installations, data retrieval and calibration maintenance

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