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Planning: Aviation

Red helicopter landing on helipad

AAD were recently instrumental in ensuring that planning permission to build a helipad was granted by Waveney District Council in order for the development of the country's largest offshore wind farm to go ahead.

A base has subsequently been built at the seafront Waveney Dock, to operate and maintain the Greater Gabbard wind farm 26km (85,000 ft) off the Suffolk coast. The wind farm will feature 140 turbines and, according to estimates, will be producing power by the end of 2010, although the farm will not be fully complete until 2012. "Our new Lowestoft hangar and helipad were installed specifically to facilitate transfers to the new wind farm developments on the east coast. It is the right location for us to support Round 2 and 3 [renewable energy] developments," say Bond Air Services, the company chosen to build and operate the helipad. The expansion of electricity generation from offshore wind represents a massive long term investment opportunity, which has the potential to generate thousands of jobs in the UK as well as securing a marine renewable electricity source. Round 3 offshore wind energy generation aims to deliver a quarter of the UK's total electricity needs by 2020.