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Sport-Noise Live Installation... Keeps the Cars Running

Planning: Leisure

Group of supercars on runway

Almost exactly one year after Croft Motor Circuit were able return to its track-day business by installing AAD's Sport-Noise Live noise monitoring system, TreatMe.net installed a very 'green' solar powered system at their remote site in Staffordshire; this is an upgrade specification which provides secure internet access on demand to the local authority. Sport-Noise Live measures and displays fast-moving pass-by and slower moving community noise levels simultaneously; it is an independent noise meter platform which can be easily retrofitted. The system can provide secure remote access by third parties, including Local Planning Authorities, and enables remote viewing of screen display(s). "With planning restrictions becoming ever more onerous, AAD Sport-Noise Live brings control back to the venue operator," explains AAD's Director, Tony Holdich.