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Retail Appeal: Planner's Noise Concerns Quashed

Planning: Retail Appeals & Sunday Trading

Busy retail park

In the past 12 months alone, AAD has serviced four planning appeals on behalf of retail clients facing planning refusals. All four appeals were upheld, with two having cost awards against the Council. One landmark inquiry related to Sunday trading where, despite opposing expert evidence, the Council's 'noise and disturbance' reasoning became exposed as fundamentally groundless.

Planning support expertise

A key element to AAD Client success in making planning applications and, when it comes to it, planning appeals, lies in the core integrity that is fundamental to all our work. AAD will guide applicants and their planning consultants regarding the robustness of each case; we support leisure and entertainment, pubs and clubs, fast food restaurants, supermarket stores, motorist, electrical and other retail outlets, including building and operating-hours extensions. Without fail, every twist and turn of national and local planning policy affecting each case is addressed, upon which are founded our application support and appeal evidence.