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NoiseMatters - News

New Construction Replaces BREEAM 2008

Building Regulations

Scope is now shifted to new construction only with a single consolidated assessment procedure regardless of building type. Refurbishments and fit-outs stay as BREEAM 2008 whilst Data Centres keep a unique profile under BREEAM 2010. Particular Refurbishment works assessment method is in preparation.

Health & Wellbeing - more onerous, Pollution - less onerous

Hea 05 (formerly Hea 13) up to 4 credits available

News here is that in seeking out credits, Hea 05 imposes a "Pre-requisite" obligation to appoint an accredited acoustic consultant at the bid/briefing stage of the project to provide early design support in four areas, namely:

  • External noise sources and impacts;
  • Site layout & zoning;
  • Acoustic treatment for different zones & facades;
  • Requirements for users with special hearing & communications needs.

Appointing at a later stage will not count as a pre-requisite appointment; without this pre-requisite appointment at the bid / briefing stage, Hea 05 credits become un-available.

For schools, music sound insulation requirements are now less onerous by "designing-out" adjacencies through considered space planning. An additional credit is available for Offices, Industrial, Retail, Prisons, Courts and others.

Opinion: Up to 4 credits are available here by the early application of acoustic- based common sense. As the mandatory pre-requisite work is straightforward, it's a prudent step to take that maintains credit capacity. If it's not taken up, all that credit capacity is removed at an early stage!

Pol 05 (Formerly Pol 8) 1 credit available

This credit is awarded for controlling external noise emissions from plant and machinery. Under the 2008 assessment procedure, noise emissions were restricted to same or lower than prevailing background level. Under the 2011 assessment procedure, daytime emissions can be up to +5dBA and night-time can be up to +3dBA when compared to prevailing background noise.

Opinion: A less onerous requirement and still 1 credit available. If the site is nearby to noise sensitive property then planners may well have imposed more onerous conditions, so targeting this credit carries no risk. If no planning condition prevails, remembering that noise still needs to be controlled to LPA requirements, securing this not particularly onerous credit along the way is low risk.

Acoustic Consulting: Scope of work

Hea 05

  • Site surveying with BREEAM strategic guidance report
  • Detailed design support including BREEAM traceability report
  • Pre-Completion testing

Upgrade Option

  • BREEAM Strategic guidance report upgrade to a planning support report which includes references to local and national policy and where necessary refinement to design strategy

Pol 05

  • Site surveying to determine BREEAM applicable criteria and report
  • Design stage assessment with tender support performance specifications
  • Commissioning surveying and report

Upgrade Option

  • Site surveying to determine BREEAM and Local Planning Authority applicable criteria and report.