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BBC Broadcasting House Redevelopment Project


BBC Broadcasting House

AAD provided acoustic consulting support to the substantial design and build contract of the BBC's £270m Broadcasting House redevelopment project Phase 2. Completed in September 2010, it is hailed as one of the largest broadcast projects of its kind and the most technologically advanced production centre in the World.

Sandwiched between two London underground lines, both of which run extremely closely alongside the building's basement, the project presented several interesting challenges. The sub-basement is three levels down (and equivalent in volume to 40 Olympic size swimming pools!) and houses four TV studios. They all float on steel springs, for noise and vibration isolation, on deep concrete slabs.

Other challenges for the AAD team included meeting extremely stringent noise criteria whilst also working with a combination of height restrictions, the need to maximise space, minimise plant rooms, and ensure close control of reverberation in all studios.

BBC Broadcasting House

Furthermore, Westminster Council's Town Planners demanded tight control of external plant and machinery noise emissions, as the location of this landmark site has a number of noise sensitive buildings nearby. There is significant electrical and cooling load on this project - large chillers on the roof and a substantial generator in the basement, the exhaust outlet from which is at roof level; large fans and air handling units are also at roof level.

By working exceptionally closely with all the design and build, and client team members, AAD's service delivery was on budget and on time, passing an extensive and audited acoustic performance commissioning process with flying colours.