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Acoustics Regulations Cost Hikes Threaten School Projects

Source: Leader - QS Weekt
May 2005

The recently (well, July 2003) updated Approved Document E gets it in the neck from QS week, which headlines a south London schools project being subject to a 6% increase in overall cost because of the acoustic control requirements imposed by ADE. The thrust of the leader is that 6% is more than the 1.2% otherwise allowed, which they say is not consistent with building schools in urban locations.

From our experience, it's often our fees and then the acoustic control that gets it in the neck "because of budget" so perhaps July 2003 was actually the date from which our design team colleagues became obliged to allocate acoustic design and construction funds on a more robustly informed basis. Allocating costs without properly considering acoustic matters at a sufficiently early stage on any project really should be a thing of the past; from our standpoint doing otherwise is a pretty pathetic - and potentially negligent - enterprise.

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