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80 Year Old Widow Locked Up

Source: The Times
July 2005

An 80 year old widow is locked up after making a noise complaint personally!

Gwen Townsend, a retired accountant suffering from a heart condition, put up with two hours of "horrendous" drumming noise from a nearby community centre before she complained to the drummer personally.

Gwen did not know that the band's drummer was an off duty police constable. She says that her approach, on being ignored, was to take a drumstick from him and bang his drum with it. The drummer, however, alleged she hit him with the stick and called the police.

Either way, Gwen's complaint was ignored. She was arrested for ABH and she was then fingerprinted, DNA swabbed and locked in a cell at Melksham Police Station for 2 hours after which she was released on police bail and ordered to return to the police station in August.

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